The Okada Riders Association of Ghana has described the New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s stance against the legalisation of commercial motorcycle operations as sheer dishonesty.

According to the Association, the governing party and its flag bearer Nana Akufo-Addo have been inconsistent since the debate about legalising Okada became topical. 

“While we can state the position of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) with certainty, we cannot do the same for the governing party without highlighting the flip-flop accounts of leading members of government before settling on what to do with Okada,” they said.

The Okada Riders Association in their presentation criticised government as well as the Transport and Information Ministries for confusing them over the clear stance they have in regards to Okada legalisation.

“It came as a surprise to many, days after the President and his Vice, Dr Mahamadu Bawumia had stated that the NPP was indifferent to legalising Okada, the Transport and Information ministries came out to say it had been part of the government’s plans to legalize our operations,” the group criticised.  

The Deputy National Coordinator of the group, Kwaku Katei Nathaniel at a press conference disclosed that Dr Mahamadu Bawumia’s promise of rolling out a policy that would enable them to swap their motorcycles with VW cars is a clear indication the NPP does not appreciate the need to legalize the Okada trade.

“The Vice President says the NPP government, when given a second term mandate, will roll out a policy that will enable us to swap our motorcycles with Volkswagen (VW) cars,

This is one of the laughable items in the wish list of Dr Bawumia and the NPP. A promise like this is a clear indication that the NPP bigwigs do not appreciate the need for Okada legalisation,” he said.

The Deputy National coordinator mentioned that the VW cars will worsen the traffic situation and deprive people living in rural areas their only means of transportation.

“Our cities are congested so when you promise to give each Okada rider a VW car, it will worsen the already uncomfortable traffic situation in Ghana.

“Secondly, people living in places in rural areas where only Okada can go would be deprived of their means of transportation if the Vice President’s promise is actualized,” he explained.

The group used the opportunity to make an emphatic declaration to support Mahama and the NDC’s People’s Manifesto.