The timely delivery of medical supplies by Zipline's drone has helped saved the lives of 113 students of the Mangoase Senior High School in the Eastern region.

According to the Headmaster of the school, Seth Tawiah Agbesi, the students had suffered acute diarrhoea on Sunday, June 23, 2019.

He revealed that the diarrhoea outbreak occurred after the students ate groundnut soup with rice for supper on Saturday evening.

The Headmaster indicated that probably the food was not well-cooked, resulting in the diarrhoea outbreak.

He lamented over the lack of a school bus to convey the students if Zipline facility hadn't been readily available.

According to him, the Health Centre was contacted who advised that Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) be administered immediately to the students.

But there was no ORS in the school and the health facility at the time, so an order was placed immediately to the Zipline Centre at Omenako.

The company sent a drone with five boxes of ORS.

Each box contained five packs of ORS, giving a total of 125.

A grateful Mr Tawiah Agbesi could not hide his excitement saying, "I was very happy we have benefited. I thought the delivery was for big hospitals; I didn't know it was for those of us in rural areas."

A teacher at the school, Justice Siaw, who assisted the nurses to receive the medication, disclosed that some of the students visited the toilet about six times and had become pale making it very critical.

He said the situation became severe but the timeline intervention of Zipline gave them a sign of relief.