The Greater Accra police command says they it has arrested two men in possession of ammunition at Agbogbloshie in Accra.

The two who were arrested on Tuesday were in possession of 500 rounds of ammunition and are currently being interrogated by the police.

The spokesperson for the Greater Accra regional police, Afia Tenge, told Joy News' Hannah Odame the reason for possessing the ammunition is not yet known.

"They shall soon be arraigned before the court when their intent has been established," she said. 

According to the reporter, on Tuesday at about 2:30 pm police had intelligence with assistance from the public which led them to retrieve some 2500 rounds of cartridges from one of the men, Imoro Abdul, 25, scrap dealer.

Upon interrogations, he took the police to the other man, Kwaku Amankwa, 58, registered armed dealer who said to have sold the ammunitions to Imoro at Arena in Accra at a value of 1000 cedis. The rest of the cartridges were found with Mr Amankwa. 

Two persons were also arrested at Agbobloshie last week Wednesday, following bloody clashes between some youth which claimed two lives.

The suspects were said to be wielding a knife and a locally manufactured gun when they were arrested.

Residents and market women said they live in a state of fear because the police had not been able to retrieve any of the weapons used by the factions.

A shop owner in the Dogomba area told Joy News' Hannah Odame she has not opened her shop for business because the people in the area are afraid to come out to engage in any economic activity. 

Another woman said her kiosk in which she sleeps got broken as a result of the clash and she has not been able to raise money and repair it. 

According to them, sophisticated weapons were used in the attack by both sides and if they are not retrieved, the possibility of another gun violence is extremely high.

Conflicting reasons have been given for the clashes. According to eyewitnesses, a man from one of the ethnic groups allegedly stole a mobile phone and was beaten by others in the opposing ethnic group.

The suspect then reported the assault to his kinsmen who went on a rampage in retaliation. 

However, following the arrest, the police has warned that the public should not take advantage of last week's disturbance to engage in an illegal arms transaction in the community.