Players in the Transport and Logistics Industry have a chance to claim their bragging rights at the 2019 Transports and Logistics awards.

The awards is scheduled for August 10, 2019 and is on the theme, “rewarding contributions of the transport sector for accelerated growth of Ghana’s economy”

The organisers on Saturday launched the nomination process by opening an online nomination for the event which is four months away.

The awards seek to promote and attract private investments into Ghana’s transport and logistics sector to help achieve a robust industry.

Chairman of the organising committee Don Obilaw said the award is meant to enhance productivity in the sector.

“You have to deliberately play up and reward them”, he told Joy News Henry Kwesi Badu who attended the launch of the awards.

Although Ghana geographically has the location to become a hub it is up against both the language barrier to its French speaking neighbours and the traditional trade patterns in which Burkina Faso links up with Ivory Coast and Niger with Nigeria.

Ghana’s position as a potential hub for West Africa appears primarily to rest on its possibility of overcoming the chaos and inefficiency characteristic of most of the ports and airports in West Africa.

Organisers of the Transports and Logistics awards have called on government to improve the transport sector.