As anger built and people mobilised in opposition to proposed plans to build a new chamber for Parliament, citizens, both home and abroad, made their voices heard, too.

They recorded the state of roads in their areas are and wondered why in spite of the deplorable nature of their roads, Parliament thought it was prudent to spend $200 to build a new chamber.

A resident of Kwadaso in the Ashanti region took a video of a terrible road in the township to make his point.

He says even an undemocratic government would have seen the need to fix the road since a military detachment is based there.

Another resident, also in the Ashanti Region recorded a video of commuters tiptoeing across a broken and dangerously dangling metal bridge.

After they crossed, the vehicle in which they are travelling makes its way through the metal railings, guided by young men showing the driver where to pass to avoid falling off the cliff.

The passengers had to leave the vehicle to reduce the weight and minimise the high probability of a disaster.

The bridge is built over the Pra River and links Obuasi and New Edubiase.

In yet another video, a Ghanaian living in the Colombian capital, Bogota, took a video of long buses providing residents with safe, fast and reliable transportation service.

He said, unlike Ghana, the roads in that country are wide and paved and there are designated bus lanes.