Sadiq Abdulai Abu is the founder and CEO of 3Media Network

3Media Networks, home of the 3Music Awards is going live with a new 24-hour music and lifestyle channel at 3:00pm on Sunday, August 1.

Speaking in an interview, the Founder and CEO of 3Music, Sadiq Abdulai Abu said that launching the 3Music TV channel confirms the company’s commitment to music and providing the very best in music and entertainment television.

“We are particularly excited about making our diverse range of music entertainment shows and live events even more accessible to our viewers,” he said.

Specially curated to target millennial and Gen Z audiences, the digital free to air channel brings them closer to the music they love, with unfettered access to artistes in a way never experienced before. 

3Music offers its viewers an unrivalled pool of music shows, including exclusive live events, original series, unmissable performances and a range of entertainment programmes built on a mix of exclusive, new and classic video content.

The channel brand experience will be complemented with exciting off air activities and events including the most anticipated annual music event, the 3Music Awards, which also shows on Joy Prime and The Multimedia Group’s social media pages including Joy Entertainment.

Other shows which will feature on the channel include Fan Festival, Women’s Brunch, 3Music Presents, the WILDALAND Festival, Banana Ball WKND and other key channel events and partnerships.

The General Manager of 3Music, Edward Owusu Boafo also revealed that the channel was made free to air to ensure the content 3Music is set to offer is easily accessible by all television sets in Ghana.

“But, through our digital first agenda, some of our exclusive content can be accessed via social media and on YouTube. We have been a work in progress since 2017 and can’t wait to show to the world what we have worked on.”

“Look out for some interesting buzz worthy launch activities to celebrate the re-birth of music TV with our live launch,” he added.

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