The Mepe Traditional Area has designated parcels of land in Dadome, along the Volta River’s north bank, for the establishment of a TVET Institute.

This was announced by the Manklalo of the Mepe Traditional Area, Torgbe Korsi Nego VI at the grand durbar of the 66th Afenorto Festival held on 6th August 2022.

Togbe Kosi VI noted that TVET is very important, especially with the large number of graduates seeking non-existing jobs in the country.

He noted that the skills acquired by the youth in technical and vocational training can prepare them for lifelong self-employment and reduce pressure on the central government in the area of job provision.

“The Chiefs and people have thus prioritized TVET long before it has become a focus for government.”

66th Afenorto Festival: Mepe Traditional Area designates parcels of land for TVET Institute

Togbe Kosi VI noted that the Mepe Traditional Council in collaboration with the Mepe Development Association will follow the request for the establishment of the TVET training institute with an official letter to the Ministry of Education through the Director General of TVET. 

“We will be knocking on the doors of our DCE and MP for assistance on this matter,” said Togbe Kosi VI.

Torgbe Korsi Nego VI also expressed concern about the lack of bypass routes in Mepe, which results in the blockade of the town’s only road by both human and vehicular traffic during events such as the Afenorto Festival.

“We have identified two main bypass like the Mepe St Kizito junction through the Bishop Bowers JHS, connecting to the main town road and also the Tegola Market-Avorkudi-Royal Masito road,” Togbe Nego VI said.

In his speech, Volta Regional Minister Dr Archibald Yao Letsa stated that the Afenorto Festival highlights the significance that indigenes have attached to it over the years, as well as their desire to use the platform to promote the socioeconomic development of the area.

Dr Letsa noted that it is undeniable to state that, the celebration of the festival has gone beyond feasting and performance of traditional rituals to assuming greater socio-economic and cultural dimensions.

Dr Letsa said the festival has taken the center stage in Ghana’s socio-economic and cultural life by creating awareness for the mobilization of human, and financial resources to support socio-economic development in various communities.

66th Afenorto Festival: Mepe Traditional Area designates parcels of land for TVET Institute

“I am well informed that this event seeks to establish a technical and vocational institute and a community center for the people of Mepe which I think is very commendable and the organizers must be commended for a great job done,” Dr Letsa said.

Dr Letsa noted that the Nana Akufo-Addo administration has placed a very important value on Technical Vocational Education and Training [TVET] and would ensure that TVET is given the needed attention in order that it plays a critical role when it comes to personal growth.

The DCE for North Tongu District, Mr Osborn Divine Fenu noted that the festival will usher in a renewed acquaintance with friends and families and also provide a better platform for more developmental projects. 

He stated that the theme for this celebration, “TVET Education, Our Future; Development In Peace, Our Cultural Heritage” has come at a better time as this can serve as a bedrock for socio-economic development.

Mr Fenu noted that the festival being marked should be seen as a platform to strengthen and encourage the residents spiritually and socially to achieve development through TVET Education.

“Over the years, the TVET sector has suffered an image crisis due to a public perception of being the refuge for students who are not academically endowed. This unfortunate situation has been aggravated by inadequate standardization and poor investment,” Mr Fenu said.

Mr Fenu noted that, to ensure effective regulation, coordination, standardization and quality of instruction in TVET, the President, Nana Akufo-Addo has brought a number of initiatives. An example is One District, One Factory which will help create an avenue for students of TVET and subsequently make them ready for the modern workplace.

66th Afenorto Festival: Mepe Traditional Area designates parcels of land for TVET Institute

He said as a way of promoting quality education, the District Assembly has instituted various programs including an Educational Scholarship scheme which is open to all brilliant but needy students in the District.

“The team from Africa Skills Hub will also provide entrepreneurship capacity-building training for indirect beneficiaries to help them start or revamp their business of which I think is laudable and need to be applauded as it is perfectly in line with Government’s You-Start Programme which is soon to be rolled out,” Mr Fenu added.

Chairman of the Development Committee, Mr Kojo Mawulenu Fabian noted that this year’s celebration will focus on TVET education since the district has benefited greatly from TVET which has, for many years provided employment for the youth.

Mr Fabian was optimistic the theme will reflect the path taken by the traditional area to bring about development through peaceful coexistence.

Mr Kojo Mawulenu Fabian noted that the importance of TVET cannot be overemphasized in the development of any country.

“[TVET] provides our young people with the skills that will make them employable, enhance livelihoods and create sustainable wealth and also equip people with technical and professional skills needed for the socio-economic and industrial development of the community and the country,” Mr Fabin said.

He stressed that, when given the needed attention, TVET will provide the youth a better future with employable skills necessary to take care of their challenges instead of depending on the central government.

The Festival was characterized by a rich display of tradition and culture by the residents and was well-attended after two years of its absence.

The Akpini State from Kpando led by its Paramount Chief, and other traditional rulers in the region as well as several guests across the country graced the occasion.