As the country prepares for the November 7th general elections stakeholders in the civic dispensation are putting together programs to educate the masses and also strengthen the institutions that will play key roles in the elections.

These activities are geared towards creation of awareness across the country to ensure smooth and violence free elections.

One of such programs has been championed by the Chancellor of the Abbeam Institute of Technology Bishop Abbeam Ampomah Danso at Amanfrom in the Ga South Municipal Assembly of the Greater Accra Region.

Bishop Abbeam Danso who is also the Over Seer of the God’s Solution Center is determined to join hands with stake holders to maintain peace during this crucial election.

To  ensure the effective running of the program a mediation body known as Faith Council which is made up of pastors has been set up under which activities will be organized.

Faith Council will also be used to bring together the disgruntled members of the clergy who are rejected by the big Christian unions in Ghana.

He said every Christian has a second chance to repent and therefore condemning pastors when they misconduct themselves will never solve their problem.

The program which has the youths, politicians and the media as it target will soon kick start to educate people on how to conduct themselves responsibly during and after the elections.

Addressing the media to shed more light on the initiative Bishop Abbeam Ampomah Danso urged Ghanaians to be concerned of the country’s peace since according to him without peace the country would be stagnant.

He also cautioned the electorate to elect the people who have passion for community development.

He advised the electorates to leave the polling centers after they have cast their vote to avoid misunderstandings that can cause disturbances.

He noted that as part of the program his institutions will organize football matches and other entertainment activities in selected communities aimed at drawing people from voting centres.

He said Ghanaians must ensure that the country comes out of this year’s general election devoid of violence.

He identified respect for the rule of law as a major tool for maintaining peace and urged Ghanaians to respect one another as one people with a common destiny.

Bishop Abbeam Ampomah was worried about freedom of speech which according to him is fast becoming ‘freedom of insult’.

He said political commentators can express their opinions on national issues without insults.

Bishop Ampomah advised Ghanaians to avoid utterances and actions that have the potential to erupt electoral violence before, during and after this year’s general election. He however, tasked the media to help protect the peace we have been enjoying as a country during and after the elections.

He urged them to be cautious with their reportage since reckless and irresponsible journalism can bring the nation down.

The Bishop appealed to the media to dedicate part of their time to promote peace as part of an increased effort to avoid political violence during the elections.