MP for Madina, Francis-Xavier Sosu

The Madina MP, Francis-Xavier Sosu has accused the Ghana Police Service of unfairly targeting him.

Since October, the Police have been on the heels of Mr Sosu for his involvement in a violent demonstration over bad roads in his constituency.

After the protest, Mr Sosu reported that some Police officers tried to arrest him during the protest but were unsuccessful.

Subsequently, the Police sought permission from the Speaker of Parliament to invite the lawmaker to assist in investigations.

However, Mr. Bagbin declined to release him.

Speaking for the first time since the Police charged him with the destruction of public property, the legislator said he also sued the Police for what he alleges is the violation of his rights.

“I will be the last person to evade the law, you cannot be a lawmaker and not be ready to obey the law. I believe that whatever the police sort to do, in my own estimation was a clear case of political witch-hunting.

“I have filed a human rights action pursuant to Article 33 of the 1992 constitution, enforcing my rights to protest. So what the Police is doing is infringing on my right to freely protest and demonstrate,” he said on Wednesday.

The lawmaker also rejected the accusation by the Police that he has destroyed public property, stressing that “nothing of that sort occurred during the demonstration.”

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