Managing Director of Activa International Insurance Company, Mr. Solomon Lartey, has announced the Green Renewable Insurance Package (GRIP) to provide targeted insurance solutions for the renewable energy sector.

Managing Director the insurance Company Mr. Solomon Lartey, revealed this when he delivered a solidarity speech as one of the main sponsors at the launch of the 60th Anniversary celebrations of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) held at the Swiss Spirit Alisa Hotel, North Ridge, Accra on Wednesday, June 27, 2018.

“In the light of the Insurance Industry Development Goals for sustainable cities agenda, Activa International Insurance Company Limited is introducing the “Green Renewable Insurance Package” into the Ghanaian renewable energy industry, he said.

Mr. Lartey explained that Activa will provide insurance solutions from the bidding process, through the transportation of construction materials into the country and on to the site, storage, construction, operational risks and all other liabilities associated with renewable energy solutions.

The tailor-made solutions will cover Onshore Wind, Solar-P.V. and Thermal, Biofuel  (Biomass), Waste to Energy, Hydro, Wave (Tidal), and Geothermal. Others include Battery Storage and Hydrogen Fuel Cells.

He informed the gathering that in Montreal on June 22, 2018, after a year-long global consultation involving insurance industry leaders, mayors and other local government leaders and key stakeholders, the Insurance Industry Development Goals for Cities were launched at the ICLEI World Congress 2018.

The goals set the global agenda for industry and cities in the context of economic, social and environmental sustainability and development.

The Insurance Industry Development Goals covers key urban challenges and opportunities and possible actions across the Insurance Industry’s risk management, insurance and investment activities.

They cover natural disasters, health and pollution, social and financial inclusion, protecting natural and cultural heritage sites, resilient infrastructure, sustainable energy and resource efficiency, and nature-based solutions among many others.

Mr. Solomon Lartey congratulated AGI for the launch of its 60th Anniversary celebration and said: “The AGI is the leading voice of the private sector in Ghana and is an umbrella body of over 1,500 member companies in Ghana made up of small, medium and large scale manufacturing and service industries in agro-processing (food and beverages), agri-business, pharmaceuticals, electronics and electrical, telecommunications, information technology, utilities, insurance among others. At 60, the AGI has come of age and grand celebrations are in order”.

The launch was under the theme: “Transforming the Ghanaian Economy through Industrialization” and the Guest Speaker was Hon. Alan Kyeremanten, Minister of Trade and Industry.