Supporters of a losing candidate of the New Patriotic Party Parliamentary primaries in the Afigya-Sekyere East Constituency in the Ashanti Region are threatening to vote against the party in next year’s general election.

They are demanding that the elected candidate and sitting MP, Henrich Yeboah, must step down for Lieutenant Colonel Ababio Serebour.

The angry supporters in an interview with Nhyira FM’s Naa Amerley Nortey accused the MP of vote buying.

According to them, the MP made the delegates to swear an oath after bribing them.

“We will like to state clearly that the said MP used dubious means. The popular view is that he paid his way through and that the decision taken by the delegates is not a representation of the aggregate view of the entire populace but a microscopic view of the delegates to satisfy their parochial interest,” spokesman of the aggrieved supporters Philip Baidoo said.

He added the MP cannot be trusted, accusing him of being a sympathizer of the ruling party.

He charged the flagbearer of the party, Nana Akufo-Addo who is due in the region as apart of the “All-hands-on-deck” campaign to quickly resolve the matter, else the supporters will vote against the party in the 2012 elections.

But the MP has denied the allegations. Mr Yeboah said he never paid any money to anybody, describing the allegations as false.

He touted his credentials within the party, saying he has amassed a large number of votes having represented the party as an MP for two terms.

Source: Joy News/


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