Africa Motors outdoors new Suzuki Grand Vitara

How will you choose a wife? This is one of the greatest questions of all time. Just look at the mother and you can imagine how beautiful the daughter might look and will remain strong after so many years.

When you buy a Suzuki from Africa Motors it is the same scenario after you see the oldest Grand Vitara on display.

After this, you will confidently declare that you made the perfect choice after several years and over.

Africa Motors is the sole authorized dealer of Suzuki SUV’s, Van’s and minibuses in Ghana – a division of the Delta Group.

This group is a subsidiary of the international giant, the Mansour Group of companies with regional branches in Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi .

Speaking at launch of the new model of the Suzuki Grand Vitara in Accra on 16th October, 2012, Mr. Mansour Wassef, Executive Vice President of the Delta Group – Automotive Division stated, “Our existing Suzuki users and customers are the best testimonial…We the Mansour Group, one of largest automotive businesses in Africa & Middle East, are proud to be associated with the successes of Suzuki.

“Today we are happy to celebrate together the New 2013 Grand Vitara especially that Ghana is the first country to get this new model”.

Africa Motor’s limited an outstanding distributorship, has a long history in contributing to Suzuki business in Ghana and has a strong knowledge of the Ghanaian market and believes that with the new Grand Vitara, success is guaranteed in meeting its customers’ requirements.

“Africa Motors – Division of Delta – is committed to continuously introducing the newest Suzuki products , known for their reliability, Safety and fuel efficiency – and also provide on shelf availability of genuine parts and local support all day, every day,” stated Mr. Wassef.

The New Grand Vitara is Japan Made and has gone through the most rigorous testing to become what we see today in the pictures below.

The new model is a Facelift and has been evolved and developed over 85 years of excellence by Suzuki.

To back up the Suzuki range is a modern well equipped workshop with latest diagnostic tooling and well stocked parts warehouse.

The Sales Manager Fauster A. Addo and Marketing Manager Mrs. Naa. A. Barnor, reiterated that – “rest assured, our genuine parts are engineered and validated to ensure the best performance. We believe in the products that we sell”.