Eight communities in the Amenfi East and West District have seen an end to their perennial water supply challenges from an initiative of Amenfiman Rural Bank.

Chief Executive of the bank, Dr Alex Asmah, has handed the mechanized boreholes to beneficiary communities in its catchment area.

Officials say such investment is critical, hand-washing has become a major health protocol, especially, to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

He wants other financial institutions to invest in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in the wake of the pandemic.

“We are calling on other stakeholders, companies and individuals to support in WASH projects like this so that together we will fight the pandemic.

“Most importantly we stay alive and after the fight against the pandemic is over, we can have our businesses also together,” Dr Asmah added.

Beneficiary communities in the Wasa Amenfi East District are Aheneboboano, Ashireagya, Farmers, Anloga – all in the Wasa Akropong Area benefited together with Abesewa Gyaman.

Others include; New Town (Jegem Area), Blockso, Esikafoambantsem – all in the Asankrangwa Area in the Wasa Amenfi West district.

At a short ceremony to hand over the projects to the communities, member of the Board, Edmund Afful, acknowledged the bank’s commitment to offer such community support which is dear to the hearts of directors.

Board Chairman, Dr. Tony Aubynn, entreated the community to support activities of the bank in every endeavour.

He assured the people of the bank’s continue commitment to community development.

Amenfiman Rural Bank has since last year invested a total of ₵500,000 in water projects.

The bank has also introduced other interventions to save small and medium businesses from collapse.

The Lack of Water and Rural Communities

Many rural communities struggle to access clean water for drinking and hand washing in the face of the corona virus pandemic.

“It is not easy these days to get people to embark on projects like this. There are so many companies and institutions in this catchment area, and not many of them support us like this bank (AMENFIMAN RURAL BANK) does”, one said.

Another continued, “Water is life, and in this community we have waited for portable for so long so this gesture is really important to us”.

Residents described the intervention as timely as it brings relief to the perennial supply challenges.

Some industry players say financial institutions should explore opportunities in the sector, beyond cash and material support to health facilities.

The WASH project

In response to government’s call, Amenfiman Rural Bank has invested ₵320,000 in water installations in the Wasa Amenfi East and West Districts.

Dr Alex Asmah, says the water project is in line with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’ – one of the 17 SDGs by the UN, which calls for ensuring availability and sustainable management of potable water and sanitation for all.

“…all of them is to make running water available to these communities so that together we will have water to do all the things we need to do and most importantly wash our hands and fight the covid-19.

He continued that, “you will recall that the President called on the nation to support him to make available PPES and water and anything we can have to fight the pandemic

The board of directors from the bank responded to this call quickly approved a budget of ₵320,000 to create this mechanized boreholes in these communities” he added.

Each of eight beneficiary communities has a 10,000 litre water tank, with a distribution machine to supply nearby households.