Kwesi Amoafo-Yeboah, independent presidential candidate, has pledged his commitment to intensify the fight against crime in Ghana; a situation he descried as “more than alarming”.

Crime, he told Myjoyonline, is thriving at the expense of the peace of innocent citizens because the security agencies tasked to tackle crime lacked the needed motivation to execute their work effectively.

“The problem is that when you have law enforcement (agencies) that are not well motivated, that is, they lack communications equipment, their pay is not adequate, sometimes they don’t have a place to sleep themselves; so therefore the moral is not there for them to do what they are supposed to do. So these are the kind of things I want to change.”

He identified low wages as the major cause of corruption among the ordinary citizens.

He said it is tempting for a worker, whose monthly salary falls below GHC100, with many personal responsibilities to meet, to devise ways and means of making some money to solve his or her problems.

“Our income levels are too low and until we increase the income levels a lot of people, (corruption) will continue to happen regardless of how many laws we have.”

Amoafo-Yeboah promised to eschew corruption at the executive level by prosecuting any member of his government found culpable of corrupt practices.

As a self-made businessman, he said he was not seeking political office to enrich himself to the “detriment of others”, adding “I know how to create wealth with my head”.

Allegations of corruption according to him, would be thoroughly investigated adding his government would not prosecute people based on mere allegations.

Amoafo-Yeboah said under his watch, law enforcement agencies would be up and doing in their fight against drugs, “a very violent business”, which when not taken head-on would have dire negative consequences on the nation.

“When you have ship loads of cocaine come through our ports, get confiscated and disappeared, it is worrisome. It needs to be dealt with. We cannot make excuses.”

The functions of the Narcotics Control Board, he said, would be evaluated; and when necessary given more powers to arrest and prosecute offenders.

On the social sector, he promised to initiate a number of measures to curb rural-urban migration. Things that make life convenient in the urban cities like electricity, water, hospital among others would be extended to the rural areas.

He proposed the creation of an “abundant society” where most measures needed for community development would be implemented.

He said his government will make Ghana more attractive to investors by guaranteeing the safety of their investments to enable them develop confidence in the economy.

Amoafo-Yeboah said under his tenure, hip-life artistes would be assisted to improve upon their works and make them competitive.

“I see Ghana as a country with huge potential for advancement, both for the people and the country. But I see that the most important asset of the nation, being the people, is not being cared for as it should be. This is the main reason why I am in the race.”

Story by Isaac Essel