A group of armed robbers who attacked a reverend minister and his wife were momentarily disabled when the pastor shouted “Jesus!” This made it possible for the pastor to run for help, police said, quoting the minister.

The armed robbers reportedly stood still with their weapons in their hands on hearing the name of Jesus and the minister ran to a parked articulated truck nearby to seek help from the driver and his mates.

Briefing the Times on Wednesday, Superintendent Frank Awu of the Ashaiman police, said the Rev. Samson Agbemabiase of the Assemblies of God Church, Sege, and his wife, Mabel, were on Monday travelling on the motorway from Accra to Sege, near Ada, at about 7.30 in the night when their car developed a fault.

He said confronted with the mechanical problem, Rev. Agbemabiase got down to see to the fault. As he alighted from the car, he was confronted by armed men, some of them masked.

When he shouted the name, “Jesus his attackers were held spellbound” and became “paralysed”, their arms raised with the weapons.

This enabled him to leave his wife and run to seek assistance.
The police said by the time the minister accompanied by the truck driver and mates arrived at the scene, the robbers had taken three bags containing personal belongings and documents, including Bibles and cell phones and fled.

The pastor’s wife was unharmed.

They managed to repair the car and continued their journey.

Supt Awu said the couple reported the incident to the Ashaiman police the next day and two officers were detailed to accompany them to the crime spot.

Right there, they found a group of young men in a nearby thicket and the police rounded them up.

The couple, according to the police, identified three among the group as those who attacked them. Two of the suspects, named as Kwaku Torkpor and Kwaku Francis, are helping the police in their investigation.

The third fled into the bush. The police have launched a manhunt for him.


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