Armed robbers attacked a passenger bus on Tuesday morning killing one person and injuring many.

The injured are currently at the Tamale Teaching Hospital for treatment.

The attack took place at Yamo Karaga near Gushegu in the Northern Region.

The armed robbers reportedly laid ambush and shot indiscriminately at the Tata bus.

According to Joy News’ Mahama Shaibu, a survivor of the attack, Mohammed Mustapha who sustained minor injuries, said the passengers in the bus were heading for Gushegu to transact their business.

All of a sudden the robbers appeared from nowhere and started shooting at them.

The shots according to the survivor, forced the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

The bus crushed injuring more passengers in the process.

Mahama Shaibu reported that among the injured were a nursing mother and her daughter who sustained gun shot wounds.