NPP Polling station executives in the Asokwa constituency of the Ashanti Region have hit the streets in protest over what they say is flagrant violation of the party’s polling station elections.

They accuse the Member of Parliament of the constituency, Maxwell Kofi Jumah and the constituency chairman of virtually hand picking cronies into the new positions and have therefore called for the annulment of the elections.

“Hon Maxwell Kofi Jumah together with Mr. Asare Bediako designed their forms for the compilation which have been given out to their favourites and marked with their stamps. It is obvious to us that the current MP and the chairman are not following the modalities from the National Headquarters,” Eric Osei, spokesperson of the aggrieved executives told Nyhira FM’s Ohemeng Tawiah.

Mr. Osei threatened legal action against the party should the election be allowed to stand.

“We are there informing all those concerned to correct and conduct the compilation, validation and elections for the existing polling station executive exercise. If nothing is done to our request we are going to take the NPP to court.

“We will ask the court to nullify the polling station exercise because the modalities were not followed.”

But the MP for the constituency has denied the allegations. He stressed the polling station election conducted in his constituency remains one of the best.

He explained his house was used for the elections because the constituency office had been locked due to earlier misunderstanding between himself and some constituency executives of the party.

The polling station elections precede the constituency and national elections which has been scheduled to come off in December.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/


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