B5 Plus Ltd train workers on new tools

In an effort to ensure safety standards, minimise risks and hazards associated with the work environment, management of B5 Plus Ltd, a leading steel producing company in the country has organised a training clinic for its technicians at the factory in Kpone.

One of the series of planned interventions, this activity responded to the increasing dangers faced by the workers of the company and also equipped them with knowledge of the use of advanced machines used in the factory.

About 45 employees from various departments of the company which manufactures nails, iron bars, metal plates, wires among other metal products were trained on the usage of Bosch Power Tools and accessories such as drills and demolition tools, woodworking tools, metalworking tools, cordless technology etc.

The clinic was facilitated by Woermann Ghana Limited, authorised agent for Bosch Power Tools in Ghana.

Mr. Peter Walid Khalil, instructor of the training programme from Woermann Ghana Ltd, explained that the participants will after the programme be able to take precautions for their personal safety with the tools and personal protective equipment.

He stated that as a result of the complexity of new machines designed for various activities, there is the need to bring to the fore how the machines are used to ensure the workers’ personal safety and minimize cost in terms of operations and maintenance.

According to him, the training will also help to improve efficiency and reduce cost for the company since the workers are equipped to use them competently.

On his part, Horsu Clemency, Safety Officer of B5 Plus Ltd highlighted the significance of the training clinics to the management as well as to the staff of the company.

Mr. Mukesh V. Thakwani, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of B5 Plus Ltd explained that the purpose of the training programme was to ensure that his workers get themselves familiarised with the new technology in the world and ensure their safety as well.

“We are in advanced world now and daily, new machines or tools are produced. B5 Plus Ltd as a serious company, we aimed at conforming to the world by purchasing such tools hence our decision to train the workers to become familiar with the new technology,” he noted.

He assured his customers that his outfit will continue to invest in his workers to ensure quality in their products.

B5 Plus is a leading manufacturer of steel products and received the prestigious TNG Steel Fabrication Company Award organised by the New Ghanaian (TNG) Pillars of Modern Ghana last year.

The company has also received other international awards including the International Europe Award for Quality and Excellent Service by Globe Trade Leaders' Club, and Best Enterprise Award in the field of Steel Industry by the Socrates Committee, Oxford UK.


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