Some sports betting companies in Ghana have begun taking steps to check under-age gambling in the industry. 

International Sports Betting Company, Betway is championing responsible gambling by enforcing a foolproof and stringent policy in the use of its services by minors.

This follows recent concerns about the rise in the number of minors frequenting betting outfits and being allowed to place bets.

Gambling has become freely available following the growth of betting companies in new and highly volatile forms of communication such as online advertising, whose audience is notoriously near impossible to control.

The Gaming Commission of Ghana regulates the sports betting industry and prohibits persons below the age of 18 to engage in such gambling activities.

Betway says it is taking advantage of the recent launch of its operations in Ghana to discourage underage gambling by ensuring that new customers meet the clearly-defined requirements before registration.

Betway leads the way to fight underage betting in Ghana

According to Marketing Executive of Betway, Kwabena Nkrumah, his outfit is leading the way in implementing age limitation obligations.

This, according to him, is because Betway is not only a leading mobile and web-based betting platform but also responsible sports betting company.

“For us, as a reputable and highly accountable brand, we are just as focused on discouraging those who are not legally qualified to gamble just as we are on ensuring that those eligible have a pleasant and safe experience. This preserves the integrity of the service that we provide for all involved” he said.

He added that the company is intensifying efforts at ensuring no minor is able to engage in any of the monetary services or functions that form part of its online platform. 

This is also because such minors wouldn’t be eligible for a mobile money account in the first place – in line with the company’s policies as well as Ghana’s laws governing mobile money services which restrict any underage from opening, depositing or withdrawing money from an account.






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