Security Analyst, Colonel Festus Aboagye (retd), has urged the state to be cautious about how it handles ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzor, the senior police officer charged with abetment to commit treason.

He has reminded the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) that the allegation against the Dr Agordzor does not mean he is complicit.

He explained that the fact that Dr Agordzor’s messages has appeared in communication on a WhatsApp platform does not mean he is guilty of the charges.

“I argue as indeed the council is saying that the mere invitation by itself and the charges of abetment are not even met,” he said on The Pulse on Joy News TV.

He explained that the BNI may be wrong with the claims as a number of cases he has witnessed has proven.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Dr Benjamin Agordzor, was charged with abetment to commit treason for his alleged involvement in a coup plot.

Counsel for the senior police officer says his client's family has been denied access to him.

Martin Pkebu said ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzor’s family have been at the offices of the BNI since 6 a.m.Tuesday but officials there will not allow them to see him.

ACP Agordzor’s lawyer Martin Kpebu, said his client was arrested and detained in BNI custody since 1 p.m. on Monday.

Speaking on The Pulse, Col Aboagye (retd) cited an incident in which some of his colleagues were picked up by the military for the wrong reason because the person involved shared a similar name with the culprit and was later released on the basis of a lack of substance.

He added that the BNI has the right to invite anyone to assist with investigations but must be mindful of how it exercises this right.

He urged the state to heed calls of caution from various bodies on the matter.

“The state should be allowed to perform its functions but in so doing, the state should be careful not to victimize its citizens”, he stated.

Law lecturer at GIMPA Isidore Tuffour has also advised citizens not to hide under the pretext of freedom of speech to make comments that will implicate them.

According to him, freedom of speech, although allows free speech, does not justify careless speaking.