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Tired of failing in business? Try success with Mac Attram

Tired of failing in business? Try success with Mac Attram
Source: Ghana |
Date: 23-10-2018 Time: 09:10:47:am

Burying the victim mentality and thinking like a champion is the first best step towards owning a business and creating wealth.

That’s according to Mac Attram an international business coach and author of the bestselling book “face it, fix it.”

“The victim is the one who complains and blames all other persons but himself for the situation he finds himself in but the champion takes responsibility and finds solutions to the situation,” he stated.

He was speaking at a day’s workshop to a cross-section of small-scale business owners, entrepreneurs, employees all of whom aspire to own chains of businesses and creating wealth.

“Wealth is what you have when you are not working for income,” he said as he took participants through three hours of stimulating, thought-provoking business coaching session meant to turn fear of participants into freedom and to build the fundamentals of success.

Attram, Ghanaian born, UK based business executive coach has trained over 100,000 entrepreneurs and business personalities in over 30 countries.

He was the keynote speaker at the 24th MTN Business World Executive Breakfast meeting held few days ago.

24th MTN Business World Executive Breakfast meeting

Turning debt into riches

Attram was not one with an exalted ancestry.  Born at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, the now famous world acclaimed business coach was at one time heavily indebted.

Working like a bull but eating like an ant, the author had put in 100 hours per week yet was indebted to the tune of some $100,000 a situation that got him frustrated for the most part.

He had too many people to blame for his situation and he did until he decided to start thinking like a champion and things changed dramatically.

Outlining the steps that turned his sour indebted situation into one of riches, Mac Attram listed the fundamentals of success as 
Clarity (of purpose)

One must be hungry to succeed and follow through a thorough process of focusing on the goal and taking judicious actions while still maintaining discipline when success burst forth.

Taking participants through the four mindsets in business, the bestselling author said while majority of people want to own big businesses and invest in same, only 10% of the population occupies the business and investment quadrants while 90% of people occupy the employee and self-employed quadrants.

If you want to succeed in business you must be part of the 10% population who believe in owning a business and investing, he stated.

After taking a decision to own businesses and invest, Mac Attram engaged participants in the three proven steps to accumulating wealth as well as the sales process involved in closing a deal.

Given the interest shown in his two sessions, both at the MTN breakfast meeting and the workshop at the La Villa Boutique Hotel, Mac Attram has decided to return in February 2019 for a two day boot camp with the hope of changing the fortunes of struggling businesses.

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