It was all joy at the weekend when young pupils of Careguide Montessori School in Accra successfully graduated from kindergarten to pursue primary school education.

The graduates numbering 13 wore beautiful smiles as friends and relations came to lend support and to witness fabulous performances by the pupils, an indication of the excellent training they had undergone.

From the exhibition of handiworks, the singing of hymns, drama performances (French, Japanese and Spanish plays) and choreographies, it was clear that the pupils had had a great foundation for future academic pursuits.

The graduation which was under the theme: Growing The Empowered Child was chaired by Mr Emmanuel Mends-Fynn, a civil engineer and a father of four pupils in the school, ably supported by Rev Joey Sarpi, resident pastor, Victory Bible Church, Gbawe, Mr Daniel Boifio, Director of the school and Mr Yuki Tamura, the Second Secretary of the Embassy of Japan in Ghana as special guest. He made a special donation of Nippon, a magazine on the culture, lifestyle and technology of Japan on behalf of the Japanese Ambassador.

The school is one of two nationwide teaching Japanese and it was not a surprise when the pupils put up a splendid Japanese play to the delight of the visiting Japanese guest.

The school located at Gbawe, a suburb of Accra, started from rather humble beginnings in 2002 with one pupil as against a present population of 120 pupils from kindergarten to class five.

School authorities say plans are far advanced for the addition of class six from the next academic year (September 2010).


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