Economic Policy think tank, Center for Policy Analysis (CEPA) is predicting some good times for the Ghanaian economy next year.

This will come as a result of a strong economic growth, good oil production, stabilized cedi, robust revenue mobilization and increased investor confidence in the country.

These are contained in CEPA’s flagship annual publication, Ghana Economic Review and Outlook 2013 which would be outdoored Thursday.

Executive Director of CEPA, Dr. Joe Abbey however says this can only be achieved if certain measures are put in place.

“So we are looking to sensible policies in budgetary or fiscal analysis or fiscal implementation, continued vigilance on the monetary front, enforcing regulations, making sure that monetary policy is effective and fiscal policy is not unduly expansionary so that we have macro stability…and then we need to also be looking at these production costs in our economy…”

Dr. Abbey also talked about other things government must do to minimize the effects of the Dutch Disease on the economy.

“…We should build institutions for conflict resolution, we should build institutions for social insurance, we should build institutions for macro-stability and that at the end of it all our focus from here on is how do we reduce the cost of doing business in our country?…”

CEPA also predicted that the Ghana cedi will end the year at a rate of 1.85 to the dollar. The think tank, however put the cedi’s end of year deprecation at 13 percent.