The Brong Ahafo Regional House of Chiefs is questioning the basis of ban on rearing of goats at Kutire in Berekum by a local chief.

Nana Kwasi Djan Nyarko Abronoma says the ban was introduced because two gods in the area hate goats.

A son of one of the goat rearers in the area, Isaac Amoah is threatening legal action over the chief’s directive.

He claimed the chief ordered some people to break the pen in which the goats were housed and took them away. He claimed his family would have had nothing to celebrate with in this Christmas, if he had not sent some money to them.

According to Isaac Amoah, there are more important things that the chief should rather be focusing attention on and not the issue of goats.

He has therefore threatened to go to court over the issue to question the legal basis for the chief’s directive.

But Nana Kwasi Djan Nyarko Abronoma told Adom FM all the goats have been removed from the town, and warned that anybody who refuses to go by the directive will be punished.

He warned Isaac Amoah who wants to take legal action to brace himself for even more punishment because the directive is final.

Meanwhile, President of the Brong Ahafo Regional House of Chiefs, Pim Ampim Yaw Abebrese told Joy News the local chief has no power to take such a unilateral decision.

According to him, the chief should have informed the traditional council for the council to take a collective decision. The council, he said, would then inform the district assembly to enact a byelaw to bind everybody in the community.

He stressed that a bye law would be needed to enforce the ban.

 “It is not a matter of Nana alone sitting down and taking such a decision; that one will not work,” he noted.


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