A clinical Psychologist, Dr Seth Asafo has clarified some misconceptions surrounding ‘mental health’ and ‘mental illness’ stating that the two are not the same.

According to him, mental illness has to do with a defect with either the way one thinks, feels or behaves while mental health has to do with thinking, feeling and behaviour.

“Everybody has mental health but not everyone has a mental illness,” he said.

October being the month of mental health care, the clinical psychologist, stated that exercise is one of the best ways to boost and protect one’s mental health.

Speaking on the topic, mental healthcare on the AM Show he said, “When you are exercising especially outside, you allow your minds to turn off from all the things that bother you because you are so focused on that particular exercise.”

One important resource he added was sleep. According to him, sleeping for least six hours a day is a very key mental health booster and a source of natural mood enhancement.

“When you sleep there is something that releases into your body called oxytocin (the love and happy hormones) which are natural mood enhancers,” he said on October 9.

Dr Seth Asafo hinted that oxytocin takes about 90 minutes to go through a cycle of sleep, hence if one can sleep for at least 6 hours, four dozens of oxytocin is released into the body.

He also advised individuals to make time and enjoy something they love doing to mitigate the negative effect of mental health.