Security Analyst, Colonel Festus Aboagye has charged the police to be truthful about the type of pistols that were intercepted at Tema port in October.

This comes after the Police said the illegal cargo which was unanimously confirmed by officers from the Police, Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), and Customs Division of the GRA to be pistols has now turned in to gas guns.

Reacting to the information on Joy FM’s Newsnight Thursday, the Security Analyst cast doubt on the new findings by the Ghana Police Service on the impounded goods.

In his view, the representatives of the various security agencies who inspected the cargo had the required expertise to determine if the weapons were gas guns or pistols.

Therefore, it raises a lot of eyebrows that the police, after a month of seizing the illegal weapon will come out with another conclusion.

“Bottom line, the security agencies need to come clean, because this bothers on institutional and professional expertise. When I hold an AK 47, I can say that it is an AK 47, I don’t need to go to Russia and find out whoever manufactured it under license or otherwise. When I hold an American AR 15, you will know that it is an American AR 15, you look at the ammunition and its features will tell you so.

“So I don’t understand how professionals, and not only one of them, but several of them from different institutions can look at items and tell Ghanaians that, ‘we are looking at pistols’ and then several weeks later, come and say that they are gas rifles,” he stated.

The analyst, however, noted that the weapons whether gas guns or otherwise can be lethal when fired.

“Even without any modification, if I aim that gas gun at you at a certain distance and I fire at your vital organs, you will die. So we shouldn’t be confusing the issues.

“These weapons no matter what they are adds or could add to the insecurities that all of us are facing.”