Programmes Manager of the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) has called for a review of the 1992 Constitution to mandate political parties, especially those in power, to pay for using national platforms for their political campaigns.

Mrs Mary Awelana Addah said this will check the increased rate of incumbency abuse practiced in the country.

“We know in the US for instance you pay for everything that belongs to the state. So we must begin to think of reviewing our political party act such that, that is done,” she said Wednesday.

Her comment comes as part of discussions on incumbency abuse during this week’s edition of corruption watch on the Super Morning Show, where she raised concerns over the increased practice of the canker by various incumbent governments in the country.

“We have seen some of the issues being done in a subtle way because they are aware that we are monitoring so you see townhall meetings where people are talking about government achievements in a way and pushing in some campaign,” said.

She further stated that contrary to provisions in Article 55(11) of the Constitution which indicates a fair opportunity to all political parties to present their programs to the public, incumbency abuse presents an undue advantage to ruling parties over other candidates.

“So in this case, the education minister who is being mandated by the state is given the power to work on behalf of the state for the people of Ghana, uses the opportunity he has to canvass for votes for the party which he belongs to, then he’s crossed that line,” she said.

Rhoda Afful stated that the practice has been a challenge since the beginning of the fourth republic and called for measures to be put in place to check the canker going forward.

“Naming and shaming is not enough so sanctioning must be implemented,” she said.