The dismissed CEO of the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) says the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice’s (CHRAJ) report is full of “aspersions, inferences, and assumptions”.

Adjenim Boateng Adjei said the CHRAJ investigation that recommended his dismissal by President Akufo-Addo is empty.

“The content of the 188-page report is a repetition of things we wrote to them that they also returned; it’s what they are turning around.

“CHRAJ is playing dual-role acting as investigators and adjudicators simultaneously while these are two different roles.

“Your investigation must end somewhere, and then you can bring your report for the other adjudicators to take over. There the other person can defend, challenge or accept certain evidence you used,” he explained.

Mr Adjenim Boateng was speaking for the first time on Wednesday after his dismissal following the broadcast of the ‘Contracts for Sale’ documentary by investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni.

He vowed to fight the Commission to exonerate himself, labeling the investigation and report as baseless and full of lies.

According to him, the Commission’s officials must instead be barred from office for doing a shoddy job.

“I am at battle with CHRAJ. I will tirelessly take them on and make certain revelations to make them understand that if there’s anyone to be dismissed from public office, I don’t deserve to be the one, especially based on lies and fallacies”.

The report from CHRAJ indicated evidence of a pattern of movement of large volumes of cash through Mr Adjenim Adjei’s bank account totalling ¢14 million.

According to them, Mr Adjei could not offer a satisfactory explanation to the source of that huge volume of cash that passed through his bank account between March 2017 and August 2019.

CHRAJ referred the matter to the Economic and Organized Crimes Office (EOCO) for further investigations.

Meanwhile, there have been several calls for investigation into the case by the Office of the Special Prosecutor.