Coronavirus: Accra Fashion Week 2020 suspended

Fashion Ghana has announced that the Chilly Rainy edition of Accra Fashion Week 2020 set for March 26 to 30 has been cancelled.

“All expected runway activities and participating designers will be postponed until October 1st-5th, 2020 where we can promise an even more explosive show,” Fashion Ghana, organiser or the show, said in a statement.

According to Fashion Ghana, the postponement is due to the Corona Virus pandemic.

“Although we are fully aware that Ghana at the moment is safe from the Corona Virus, we do…believe now will not be the best time to execute the event that hosts such a large attendance of international guests,” the statement said.

Accra Fashion Week is a grand event on Ghana’s tourism calendar, with over 100 foreign participants including guests from all over the world consistently in attendance.

The event, at times, hosts up to 30 countries on the runway in Ghana, something that has not been done anywhere else.

“This year we were scheduled to host 16 foreign countries on the runway. Unfortunately, six have pulled out due to uncontrollable circumstances in their home country, and a good number of the remaining designers from abroad are in fear to travel,” the statement added.

“As Africa’s most popular fashion event, we believe it is our role to take full responsibility in consideration of our participants, guests and the nation as a whole to embrace safety first.

“It will be of much regretted…and a damaging cause to the Accra Fashion Week brand if the event is to play any role in the contribution towards the spread of the Corona Virus, especially in Accra, Ghana,” the statement said.

The organiser added: “The decision was concluded after much discussions with the remaining participating designers, of which all decided to postpone the showcase to October was preferable.”

Fashion Ghana says it will, however, still host a fashion get-together scheduled on Saturday, 28 March 2020.