A couple who jointly inflicted knife wounds on a nursing mother after subjecting her to severe beatings have been sentenced to six months imprisonment by an Accra Circuit Court.

Hannah Nartey, a trader and Philip Neequaye Archer, a security man are to pay compensation of GH700 cedis being medical bills of the complainant Mrs Faustina Dogbe, a co-tenant.

The couple in default would serve another month in jail.

This was after they had changed their pleas in respect of the charges leveled against them.

Hannah was said to had instigated Archer to inflict knife wounds on Faustina Dogbe, the complainant in the matter. Hannah was charged with abetment of crime, while Archer was held for causing harm.

The accused persons had earlier on pleaded not guilty and the court had earlier on granted bail in the sum of GH3,000 cedis with two sureties each.

On March 11, this year the couple had their bail revoked and sent on remand by the court following comments of Hannah before the Court. Hannah went on remand with her husband.

The couple had their bail revoked when under cross examination Hannah suggested that the husband never assaulted the complainant and that she could single-handedly beat the complainant.

After directing a number of questions, the court reminded Hannah that she could be sent to jail for 10 years if she was found guilty by the court at the end of the trial.

Hannah could not answer a number of questions under cross- examination and prayed the court to forgive her but the court declined and revoked her bail.

Mrs Dogbe attracted a lot of sympathy after she had narrated the ordeal she went through in the hands of the couple.

The case of prosecuting Chief Inspector Jubiok Michaels was that both complainant and the accused persons reside in the same house at Teshie but they were not on good terms.

On November 26, 2012, Hannah asked Archer to go and beat Mrs Dogbe, since her (Complainants husband) was not in the house.

Mrs Dogbe on hearing that ran into her room and locked her door. Archer, however, picked a piece of wood and forced Mrs Dogbe's door opened.

Mrs Dogbe, who had her baby at her back, was assaulted by Archer.

The complainant baby fell as result of Archer's attack, sustained injuries on her face, forehead and chest. The complainant's son who was at the scene rushed to call his father.

Hannah on seeing the complainant's husband alerted Archer who then bolted. Archer, however, left the wood and his slippers in the complainants room.

Following a report to the Police Hannah was arrested, while on April 14, last year, Archer was also picked up after going into hiding.