A Psychologist with the University of Health and Allied Sciences, Dr. Eugene Dordoye, has called for more education on the novel coronavirus.

According to her, contracting Covid-19 is not a death sentence and that more stories of survivors should also be put out as an encouragement to all.

Speaking Monday on the AM Show, Dr. Dordoye, told Benjamin Akakpo that “If we are able to preach this message about the fact that [contracting] Covid-19 is not like a death penalty and that we can treat it and early intervention is important [we shall make a headway].”

Dr Dordoye, who is Head of the Psychological Medicine and Mental Health Department at the University’s School of Medicine shared these thoughts when two Covid-19 survivors, Maria Gwira and Shadrack Oppong, shared their experiences of having and beating the virus.

Maria Gwira had shared how she contracted Covid-19 in February this year.

Apart from her fear for her own life, she also spoke of the dread with which she had viewed her mother’s coughing, thinking she had infected her.

Maria narrated that she was afraid of “what was to come in the days ahead – because as at that moment, I had not been officially told that I was asymptomatic.”

She has since tested negative for the virus after completing the mandatory two weeks of isolation and taking her prescribed medication.