Residents of Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region have embarked on a demonstration against the deplorable state of roads in the capital.

Clad in red bands and attire, scores of protestors poured onto the streets of the town on Wednesday to petition the Region’s Minister, Paulina Patience Abayage, over the poor nature of the roads.

They are demanding that the roads be fixed immediately.

Bolga demo against roads

Speaking to Joy News’ Albert Sore, a protestor said “the road that leads to her office is tarred and we are dying, miscarriages are happening all the time. It is very appalling so we are calling on the government to fix our roads because we are no more at peace, we are visiting hospitals every day and we are very angry right now.”

“We don’t have roads, street lights, hospitals, we have nothing. Why, are we not part of Ghana?” another protestor demanded.

Bolga demo against roads

They chanted, “No roads no vote” and demanded the immediate fixing of the deplorable roads and other facilities of the region.

“There are no accessible roads, the stadium needs to be maintained as well as the airport and as for the hospital we don’t know whether it is a regional hospital or a municipal one all we are saying is that the region has been left behind for so long and we are saying that this is to stop now and today,” a protestor cried out.

Bolga demo against roads

They added that if the government does not attend to their demands, they will hit the street again in two-weeks and will protest over and over until their demands are met.

The youth were further agitated when they arrived at the Ministry and both the Regional Minister and her deputy were absent and designated the administrator to take their petition.

“We want to see Regional Minister before we move, it is like they are taking us for granted.”

Bolga demo against roads

On Monday, as the President, Nana Akufo-Addo commenced his tour in the Volta region, some activists wanted to hear him address the nature of the state of their roads.