Dormaahene, Osagyefo Oseadeeyo Agyemang Badu II and the Dormaa Traditional Council have handed a multi-purpose building to the Ghana Police Service.

The edifice located at Dormaa Ahenkro will serve as headquarters and has offices for the divisional commander, crime officer, financial officer, DOVVSU, male and female cells, armory, etc.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony at the forecourt of the building, Dormaahene who is celebrating 20 years of his enstoolment said, he works with the police as a High Court Judge and therefore understands the essence of policing in his traditional area. 

“The Dormaa Traditional Council funded the project with proceeds from the sale of stool lands”, Dormaahene, also known as Justice Daniel Mensah explained.

“Chiefs who misappropriate funds from their chieftaincy, have no moral rights to chastise politicians who are alleged to have done same with state funds”, he noted.

Dormaa police station

In appreciating the love and support shown him by Ghanaians, especially the people of Dormaa, Nana Agyemang Badu II called on custodians of traditional lands to see themselves as development partners by making judicious use of stool lands.

“The Police Station is not there to intimidate or scare residents but rather imbedded in you the spirit of abiding by the laws of the state”, he told a gathering, including chiefs, religious and security leaders.

Ahead of presenting the land documents of the Police headquarters on over 5acres of land, the Dormaahene appealed to the Ghana Police Service to make good use of the vast land by providing police accommodations for the personnel.

This he said will boost the morale of the personnel who will be brought to work there.

Dormaa police station

Speaking on behalf of the Inspector-General of Police, Director General, Technical, DCOP Samuel Monney, noted that the gesture by Dormaahene and the Dormaa Traditional Council reinforce the demonstrated and long-standing desire for peace and security in Dormaa and Ghana, which he said is worthy of emulation.

He said the Police Service is determined to consolidate the peace and security in the country to promote economic development for improved livelihood. 

Given this, some concrete and pragmatic operational strategies have been rolled out to guarantee the safety of lives and property. 

These include an increased number of uniformed and plain cloth personnel at vantage points of crime-prone areas, intensified day and night patrols, community engagement, security led swoops, motor traffic engagement and sensitization workshops on security.

“Without the support and cooperation of the public, all efforts being made by the police will not yield any good result. The police can only be effective and efficient if we receive the needed support from the public”, Mr. Monney echoed, adding that “effective crime control is a shared responsibility”.

Dormaa police station

He, however, said the Police demonstrating professionalism and respect for the people will encourage the public to collaborate with them.

He thanked the Chiefs with an assurance that the edifice will be properly maintained and used for its intended purpose.

Bono Regional Police Commander, DCOP Godfred Owusu Boateng entreated the residents not to see the police, in the course of discharging their duties, as enemies.

He recalled how recent collaboration between the police and residents helped in combating armed robbery attacks in nearby towns such as Amasu and Kyeremansu, all within the Dormaa traditional area. 

He said, “7 people lost their lives from 6 “Motor King and Pragya” accidents from 17th October to 1st December 2019”. This he attributed to unlicensed drivers, high number of under-aged drivers and drivers who abuse hard drugs such as tramadol.

He called on all stakeholders to get involve in curbing these menace because “the police will ruthlessly deal with offenders according to the law”. 

The Dormaa police station, first built in 1946 gain a district status in 1970 and in March 2019, it was elevated to a Divisional status after a SWAT Analysis to cater for Amasu, Wemfie, Nkrankwanta, and Dormaa districts.