The Board of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), led by its Board Chairman and some officials, have paid a one-day familiarisation visit to energy and power distribution resource company Alpha TND Limited at Prampram.

Keli Gadzekpo was accompanied by Bernard Sackey, Amadu Kaleem, John Kojo Arkorful, Abraham Anokye Abebrese, Director Customer Services; Hesford Quaye Larbi, GM Metering; and Apeagyei Apeakorang, Board Secretary.

The visit offered the ECG Board an opportunity to take a full tour of the facility and further get abreast with the general operations of Alpha TND as well as the level of standards of the company’s manufacturing work.

Pankaj Bhati, the Chief Executive Officer of Alpha TND led the ECG delegation throughout the tour.

ECG Board officials pay familiarisation visit to Alpha TND Limited

The team visited the Production area, Testing and Control area, Packaging Room, and Warehouse within the company’s production enclave.

The purpose of the visit was also meant, among other things, at boosting strong partnerships between ECG and local businesses within the power sector supply chain.

The ECG Board Chair and the entire delegation were impressed by the level of standards and quality is strictly adhered to at the factory and expressed satisfaction while encouraging management to maintain the very high standards set by the company for the admiration and emulation of others.

ECG Board officials pay familiarisation visit to Alpha TND Limited

With the assistance of the management of Alpha TND, the ECG officials also seized the opportunity to plant trees as part of the company’s eco-friendly policy to uphold high environmental conservation standards.

Alpha TND Limited is a Multinational Company in the Power Sector incorporated under the laws of Ghana in the year 2012.

Alpha TND Limited’s vision is to establish itself as a technically competent and financially strong professional company in emerging markets, adding significant value for stakeholders.

The company’s area of operations includes EPC – Turnkey Projects, Energy Meter Manufacturing (Smart/Prepayment and Credit Meters), Trading in power generation, transmission and distribution equipment, Retail of Electrical Goods (LED, FAN, House Wire, etc.), and Management Consultancy, Alpha TND currently operates in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Togo, Mali, India, and Dubai.

Alpha TND is a leading and premium supplier of Proudly Made in Ghana equipment from the well-established world-class manufacturing factories to the West African sub-region.

It has supplied more than 1.2 million Energy Meters from this Factory with a capacity of 760,000 Energy Meters Per Annum.

According to CEO Pankaj Bhati, the company’s product failure rate is less than 1% within the last 10 Years.
“Our Technology Partners, Secure Meters Limited, an Indian Multinational company, have almost 33+ years’ experience in Metering with an installed base of more than 60 million meters worldwide (more than 10 Million Smart & Prepayment Meters) offered in 76 countries across the globe,” he revealed during the briefing to the ECG officials.

The company has received several international awards and regeneration, including the “Queens’s award-UK”, “DSIR Award for R&D”, “European Smart Metering and Smart Grid Award”, among others. In Ghana, Alpha TND was adjudged the Meter Manufacturing Company of the year at the 2020 Ghana Manufacturing Awards.

Currently, Alpha TND has 150 direct Ghanaian employees and more than 200 indirectly involved in the ancillary activities, including Projects, Retail, Solar, Supply.

The company has also embarked on training and capacity building on the electrical system for more than 500 Technicians/Engineers.

It also targets to improve community living and take initiative for the betterment of society by various CSR activities in different regions of operations.

The company maintains a good corporate image by making good on its statutory contributions such as Value-added Tax (VAT), Social Security & National Insurance, PAYE/Corporate tax, Customs Duty & Import Tax.

It is also contributing to Ghana’s economic growth by sourcing of ancillary services Locally, Forex Earning from other countries into Ghana through exports and other business activities.

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