Police in the Ashanti Region have gunned down a suspected member of a robbery gang in the Ejisu Juabeng Municipality.

The robbers blocked a portion of the Bonwire-Juaben road in an attempt to rob commuters in the early hours of Thursday.

Police say the deceased, who is of Fulani descent, exchanged fire with the security team.

His accomplices, however, managed to escape.

Luv Fm’s Erastus Asare Donkor reports the Ashanti Regional police commander, DCOP Augustine Gyening as saying police patrol team shuttling the roads in the area, stormed the scene to stop the intended robbery.

He therefore called on residents to be extra vigilant and be security conscious, adding that the police will not relent on their duties and will continue to maintain peace as they did during the yuletide and the New Year celebrations.

He also warned the public to report the presence of any suspicious persons in the vicinities.

Meanwhile, DCOP Gyening  dismissed recent media reports of the kidnap of a seventeen-year old student.

According to him, the police had been able to get the girl, noting that she was not kidnapped.

DCOP Gyening further indicated that upon interrogating the girl, who is still in the custody of police, it was realized that she was with his boyfriend and has refused to disclose where she had been.


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