Some consumers of electricity in the Ashanti Region capital, Kumasi, are complaining over the worsening power crisis in the region.

Residents in areas like Asokwa, Kotei, Bomso, Ayigya, Brofoyeduru among others have been experiencing unstable power supply over the past few weeks.

Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor visited these areas and reports that business owners have to stay up late into the night in order to finish orders made by their customers.

A local fashion designer at Kotei, Halleluiah was sewing at about 10pm when Erastus got to the area.

The Fashion Designer says staying up late to complete his clients' orders is the only way he can meet their needs.

“I don’t know the exact time the lights will come on, sometimes it comes in the morning but stays on for only two or three hours, at other times it goes off the whole day”, he explains.

Although Halleluiah has acquired a generator set, he says he is unable to fuel it due to the increases in fuel prices.

“We have a generator set but honestly speaking, it is also another thing. If you calculate the money you use for the fuel and the cost it seems like you’re just satisfying the customers and not getting anything out of it. It is really bad”, he adds.

The Electricity Company of Ghana is yet to communicate to customers the reasons behind the erratic power supply in the region.

The situation is however no different in Accra.

Many consumers have been complaining about the worsening load shedding and the failure of the ECG to stick to a time table it provided when the exercise started.


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