Among eight selected top Sub Saharan Countries, Ghana was ranked 2nd in Electrification Rate but 7th in the construction of ‘Paved Road’, data from the World Bank has revealed.

According to the figures from the World Bank, the country has witnessed significant growth in electricity over the last two decades.

Presently, electricity penetration rate presently stands at 84.1%

However, Urban Electrification Rate stood at 95.4% and put the nation first among the eight countries.

But with regard to power outages, the nation was ranked worst alongside Tanzania and Ethiopia.

Ghana’s electricity growth started rapidly during former President John Kufuor’s era when the Bui Hydroelectric Dam and other power plants came on board.

Former President John Mahama’s regime also signed lots of power agreements with Independent Power Producers to increase the country’s generational capacity, and also help address the perennial power fluctuation, though some argued the power instability was due to financial constraint.

South African was ranked 1st with a rate of 86.3% with respect to the Electrification Rate, whilst Uganda was last with a paltry growth rate of 19.4%.

With regard to paved roads, Ghana was ranked 7th among the eight nations with a growth rate of 9.8%, compared with Rwanda and Nigeria that were ranked 1st and 2nd respectively.

This indicates that the country is not doing well with regard to road infrastructure.

Ghana’s energy capacity is presently over 4,000 megawatts

Ghana currently has over 4,000 megawatts of installed generational capacity, though actual availability rarely exceeds 2,400 megawatts.

This is due to changing hydrological conditions, inadequate fuel supplies and dilapidated infrastructure.

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