US rap star Eminem has reclaimed the number one slot in the UK album chart with his latest release, Recovery.

The star, who knocked Kylie Minogue off the top spot with her record Aphrodite, is currently at number three in the singles chart with Love The Way You Lie, which features Rihanna.

Newcomer Eliza Doolittle went straight to number three with her debut album of the same name.

Rapper BoB is this weeks number one in the singles chart with Airplanes.

The track, which features Hayley Williams on it, knocked boyband JLS from the top and they slipped to number seven with their new song The Club Is Alive.

We No Speak Americano by Yolanda Be Cool vs D Cup climbed three places from five to two.

Professor Green’s Just Be Good To Green, which Lily Allen sings on, has debuted at number five, with another new release – Mark Ronson’s Bang Bang Bang – going straight into sixth place.

And Katy Perry and rapper Snoop Dogg also dropped from two to four after spending a couple of weeks at number one with their hit California Gurls.

In the album chart, Plan B and Lady Ga Ga were placed in fourth and fifth position respectively.

New release Flaws by Bombay Bicycle Club went straight in at number eight, but model Katie Price failed to make the top 40, with her dance track.

Free To Love Again entered the charts at number 60, according to the Official Charts Company.

Credit: BBC


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