Former President Jerry John Rawlings has called for a non-violent method to solve all grievances relating to the #EndSARS protest ongoing in Nigeria.

Nigerian youth for some weeks now have been protesting over alleged police brutalities being perpetrated by its police unit known as Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

According to the youth, SARS has abused its mandate by harassing people based on their appearance and extorting money from them, therefore, are demanding police reform.

But things took the wrong turn when the Nigerian Army allegedly fired live ammunition into a group of unarmed protestors at Lekki toll booth on Tuesday, killing dozens and injuring several others.

Due to this, Mr Rawlings has called for peaceful engagement from both citizens and the government of Nigeria to solve the issue.

In a tweet, he said, “My heart goes out to Nigeria and Nigerians and I encourage all to move towards non-violent engagement.

All conscientious citizens of Africa must condemn the bloodshed and call on all parties to act with integrity before the crisis gets out of control. We call for integrity and the circumspection of all personnel involved.”