Videos: Joy FM 90s Jam; a jam in the sky that held Accra spellbound

Videos: Joy FM 90s Jam; a jam in the sky that held Accra spellbound
Source: Ghana||Nathan Gadugah
Date: 06-01-2018 Time: 10:01:26:am

If ever fun was a taxable commodity, patrons at the Joy Fm 90s Jam 2018, would have asked for an increase in taxes and paid with a jam, not a frown. 

But it was not a tax. The 90s jam was just a routine task, Joy FM had to perform for its cherished listeners at a give-away price somewhere in the sky.

And as late as 4:00am Saturday morning, the Silver Star Towers was still reverberating with the sounds of the 90s but with souls of the 70s, 80s and 90s still jamming and begging for more.

It was an all-night session with patrons arriving as early as 7:30pm Friday night itching for the official party opener for 2018 and to dance away the troubles of 2017.

As if there were too many troubles in 2017, the patrons who came in jeans, short and long, and many dresses to kill, made the dance floor their faithful partners and unleashed many dragons in dances as Sisqo sang in 1999.

But as it turned out, it was the mastery of the DJs, and their accompanying MCs not the many troubles of 2017 which kept the patrons on their feet for that long.

One after the other, DJs Andy Dosty, returnee DJ Nii Ayi Tagoe, and his Blackness himself, DJ Black served the most delectable tunes of the  90s and left many patrons, carrying their shoes, instead of wearing them after a long dance session.

And if there were doubts that the 90s was the golden age of music, not just in Ghana but across the world, those doubts may have given way after such a thumping performance last night.

At every turn of the mic, with every scratch of the turntable came a glorious shout of acceptance by a hyper crowd who waved, hopped, stepped and jumped as if they have been delivered by a modern day miracle prophet.

And anytime MCs Lexis Bill, Merqury Quaye and Mic Gizo asked patrons to put their fingers in the air and "make some noise" they shouted their lungs out as if they were under a spell. And indeed they were. A usually busy money-making environment in the day had been turned into a money spending fun hub in the night with patrons chewing, drinking and dancing to heart-throbbing sounds of the 90s.

The Silver Star Towers had a long tower standing in the middle of two balconies or rooftops. The balcony overlooking Stanbic heights was the epicenter of the 90s jam. The stage lights gave the ambiance, the sounds from the giant speakers set the mood, and the patrons grooved in a such a tight manner there was little room to maneuver.

The epicenter had become choked forcing some patrons to move to the other end of the balcony which was originally designated as the spot for drinks, meat, and anything to eat.

But soon it became a dancing floor as well. Patrons held a drink in one hand, had meat in another yet sang and danced to the tracks by Deeba, Obrafuor, Lord Kenya, 2PAC, Notorious BIG, Naughty by Nature, name them.

DJ Black started the night with a fine selection of 90s hip-hop tracks only the young will dare to ignore. As if to lure the patrons unto the dance floor, Andy Dosty took the fun a notch higher with a great combination of local and foreign tracks in the 90s with Quaye and Lexis attempting to rap along. They tried.

But the dance flavours were varied and exciting. Some did the snake dance, others the running man but many held their 'partners' close with a close-up dance only the gods of 90s can explain.

Many fingers were in the air with faces beaming with smiles as excitement reach fever pitch.

When the legs had become wobbly, there was a need to recharge. There was enough meat to chew to recharge the tired limbs and muscles for another round of music and dance. 

There was enough to drink as well. 

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