Former Ghanaian Long Jump athlete Dr Andrew Owusu has expressed his reservation about the academic credentials of most of the Ghanaian Athletes that took part in the just ended Ghana International Grand Prix meet.

The former national star who made Ghana proud by placing a respectable 8th in the Atlanta 96 Olympics Long Jump final made this revelation in an exclusive interview with Joy Sports.

According to him, it has become extremely difficult for Ghanaian athletes to secure admission into Schools of Higher learning in the United States due to their below par academic credentials.

“I was privileged to train at the very highest in the States as I had the requisite qualification to secure a scholarship. My other colleagues like Professor Francis Dodoo, Leo Myles Mils and his senior brother together with Solomon Amegatcher, Andam and co were all able to secure scholarships to schools in the States because they combined their academics and sports very well.

“This is not the same from what I gather at the moment. Opportunities abound in several colleges there but try as we do, the Ghanaian athletes have failed to get these scholarships due to question marks about academic level.”

He entreated all sportsmen and women to not just concentrate their efforts on success on the race tracks but look beyond the sport when their time on the tracks comes to an end.

“Andam at the moment is one of the top IT guys in the State of California. I have a Doctorate that gives me the opportunity to lecture in top US Colleges. Mills, Christian Nsiah and co are all doing pretty well out there years after they ended their careers in the sport.

“I am making a good living years after hanging my spikes. Why can’t this generation of athletes do same,” he queried.

He though expressed his happiness at seeing a lot more young lads come through the rungs and is looking forward to Ghana churning out a lot more talent like in his days.