Chief Executive Officer of Food and Drugs Authority (FDA),Mrs Delese Darko

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has retrieved some 270 cartons of Charme Sparkling non-alcoholic red and white grape juice from the market.

According to the Authority, these cartons are expired, thus were retrieved with the help of the Police Service after a tip off from a vigilant member of the public.

In a press release signed by Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Delese Darko, the FDA revealed the details of the expired products as “Charme Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Red Grape – best before 25/10/2021; and Charme Non-Alcoholic Sparkling White Grape Juice – best before 06/08/2021.”

The said distributor of the expired product has been apprehended to assist with investigations.

Also, persons in possession of these products are being advised to return them to any FDA offices across the country.

FDA retrieves 270 cartons of expired Charme Sparkling juice

In view of this, the Authority has urged the public to desist from consuming the expired products as it cannot guarantee its quality and safety.

Meanwhile, the Food ad Drugs Authority has given the assurance to retrieve any of these products found during its market surveillance activities.

“The FDA is by this press release also alerting the public to be extra vigilant as we approach this festive season to ensure that products purchased are of good quality and within the Best Before or Expiry Dates,” the release added.

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