The Former Ambassadors' Wives Association (FAWA) is the latest to join the breast cancer awareness campaign in the country.

The decision, according to the Public Relations Officer of FAWA, Mrs. Akua Annan is because breast cancer as a silent killer.

She noted that, they have joined the campaign to sensitize women on the disease to ensure regular examination of their breasts so that they seek early treatment where required.

Mrs. Annan bemoaned how most of the women did not know how to personally examine their breasts and needed to be educated on that.

She said they will collaborate with breast cancer advocate, Dr. Beatrice Wiafe Addai of Breast Care International to education more women on breast cancer.

“We are very committed to spread the news on breast cancer with support from Breast Care International. It is a silent killer and we need to educate more people about it” she added.

The PAWA PRO thanked the breast surgeon for the education and advised women to go for regular check-up of their breasts.

For her part, Dr. Beatrice Wiafe Addai who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Peace and Love Hospital called on other organizations to join the campaign.