One person arrested at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) for taking nude pictures of students has attempted suicide. 

On Wednesday, May 4, Michael Koranteng, a former student of the University who lives with a lecturer on campus was hospitalized after he attempted suicide by cutting himself with a broken Malt bottle.

Some five female students reported to campus security that Koranteng had taken their nude pictures and they have found out that he was deceitful.

Although it is not clear what he does with the pictures, Koranteng is said to lure female students by telling them he has a modeling agency and to qualify they need to go nude for measurements and a test of whether their vital statistics fit his requirements.

Joy News’ Erastus Asare Donkor reports that, although none of the students have so far spoken about having sex with him, they are scared their nude pictures might end up on social media. 

Michael Koranteng was arrested on Tuesday and while in custody on Wednesday, he requested for a Malt drink, after which he broke the bottle and slit his wrist with the broken piece. 

The KNUST security has taken his laptop and is currently searching for clues of any links with sex tapes that have gone viral on campus in the last few days. 

Also, they have sought the help of other national security agencies to dig into his activities.

Koranteng is currently receiving treatment at the KNUST hospital.