The former Assemblyman for Mafi Zongo Electoral Area in the Central Tongu District of the Volta Region is up to receive an award from the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Julius Karl D. Fieve is one of the 60 persons selected from over 90 countries to be awarded at the 2019 Trust Conference Changemaker in London, UK.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholar at the University of Edinburgh is being awarded for demonstrating exceptional leadership in the field of human rights.

Mr Fieve’s efforts were specifically recognised in designing and implementing interventions that promote education and socio-economic empowerment of young people, women and children in rural and underprivileged communities of Ghana and Africa.

Speaking ahead of the award ceremony on Wednesday, he told JoyNews “It is an opportunity to once again have our collective transformational works in the Mafi Zongo Electoral Area of Ghana recognised at the global level.

Julius Fieve - World Politician

“It once confirms the confidence of the world in our work…I owe it to my people whom I serve to network and connect with likeminded people and global leaders to implement more initiatives to impact them.”

He added, “This is definitely not about me but about our people, the youth, women and children out there and our partners who have stayed committed to our cause of transforming the Mafi Zongo Electoral Area.”

The former Assemblyman believes the award would also inspire a lot of young Changemakers across Ghana, Africa and the world to continue impacting society.

The Thomson Reuters Foundation brings together over 600 global corporations, lawyers, and pioneers in the field of human rights from more than 60 countries to take action and forge tangible commitments at the annual Trust Conference.

The Trust Conference is the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s flagship annual event and a world-leading human rights forum that seeks to inform, connect and empower changemakers in the human rights arena.

Julius Fieve - World Politician

The Conference brings together the best minds, leaders, and doers from a diverse range of sectors.

As part of the Foundation’s commitment to supporting human rights defenders across the world, the Trust Conference Changemakers Programme funds frontline activists and human rights defenders from around the world to attend the annual conference.

It would be an influential gathering of NGOs, heads of corporations, lawyers, public servants and philanthropists.

Day one will address creating a fairer economic system for those left behind, with a focus on modern slavery, women and girls, radicalisation, and the human impact of climate change.

Day two will look at closing civil society space, exploring the relationship between tech and human rights, as well as news and democracy.

Both days will feature grass-roots voices from around the world, and showcase some of the most innovative solutions to the challenges we’ll be discussing.

Speaking ahead of the event, Antonio Zappulla, CEO Thomson Reuters Foundation said, “Throughout the two days, we’ll also give the stage to some remarkable activists doing grassroots work.

“They will share some powerful insights, and delegates will be able to support them directly. We will also focus on solutions.”

According to him, on each of the two days, they will showcase innovative and scalable approaches that have been successfully pioneered to help solve important human rights issues: from using algorithms to uncover trafficking to pioneering architectural techniques to investigate cases of state violence.