The CEO of Atuahene Group of Companies, Francis Atuahene, has been adjudged the ‘Outstanding Young CEO of the Year’ at the second edition of the Western Regional Business Awards held at Takoradi on Saturday.

The Western Regional Business Awards is set up to acknowledge the impact of entrepreneurs in the Western Region.

Mr Atuahene won the ‘Best Automobile Company of the year’ with his Atuahene Automobile Consult in the first edition.

On December 4, he picked up the coveted category, ‘Outstanding Young CEO of the Year’.

On the same day, he also received the ‘Humanitarian Organisation’ award with his Atuahene Foundation at the Fontomfrom Amandze Awards. This is in recognition of individuals in the humanitarian and communal space.

Receiving the award, Mr Atuahene dedicated the awards to his customers and the support of his dedicated staff. Further, he urged young people to put their passion and talents to good use.

Mr Francis Atuahene, affectionately known as Daytime CEO Night-time Watchman, was born at Atonsu in the Ashanti Region.

He is a man whose passion for reliability and trustworthiness in business, coupled with his love for cars, started Atuahene Automobile Consult, the seed that has grown to become Atuahene Group of Companies, with subsidiaries including Atuahene Real Estate, Atuahene Construction and Atuahene Driving School.

He is a Police Officer by profession who has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and helping young people discover and maximize their potentials.

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