The Ghana Boxing Authority & Imax Media Group on Saturday unveiled a new logo for the upcoming Ghana Professional Boxing League (GPBL), which is due to take off in the Accra Boxing Arena this February 2022.

The Ghana Professional Boxing League itself was launched on December 23, 2021, and will go down in the annals of Ghana Boxing history as one of the most significant showpieces in Ghana’s boxing calendar.

The Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) and Imax Media Group signed a five-year boxing development partnership deal during the launch.

GBA & Imax Media unveil Ghana Professional Boxing League logo

The new GBA management team’s vision and efforts were given a huge boost by IMAX Media Group, which decided to support the development of boxing in Ghana by committing to invest a total of $1.7m into boxing development over five years.

The newly unveiled logo of the Boxing League consists of a symbolic boxing ring, the GBA Logo and a text composition. In addition, the logo also reflects the symbolic “Red, Gold Green” of the national flag.

President of the Ghana Boxing Authority, Abraham Kotei Neequaye, said, “We prided ourselves as being a key national sporting aspiration and wanted our new logo to reflect a strong national identity.”

CEO of Imax Media Group, Maxwell Techie, reiterated that it was indeed a great honour for his organisation to work with the entire boxing fraternity to rebrand and promote boxing sports to a new height.

Mr Tachie said that “Our boxers have to re-dedicate themselves to their craft by working hard to win national and international belts.”

GBA & Imax Media unveil Ghana Professional Boxing League logo

He further stated that “it is the only way our boxers can showcase their very best to the whole world and follow the footsteps of Ghana boxing legends such as Azuma Nelson, DK Poison Ike “Bazooka” Quartey and the rest to justify all the investments being poured into the tournament”.

GBA president, Abraham Kotei Neequaye, thanked Imax Media CEO Maxwell Techie and his team for their profound commitment, further expressing his happiness with the ongoing preparations for the launch.

The first edition of the Ghana Professional Boxing League (GPBL) tournament is slated to take off this February 2022 and will climax with the final bout on December 26,

The league based tournament is designed to be a bi-weekly “Fights Night Live”, will be shown live on a free-to-air channel on TV.