Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd has launched Malta Guinness Street Dance 2011 at the Coconut Grove Regency Hotel on Friday, 6th May, 2011, after last year’s thrilling competition, which culminated in Ghana’s hosting of the Pan African championships.

This year promises to be bigger and even more exciting, according to organisers.

Following a nationwide hunt for Ghana’s best street dancers, eight talented dance crews have been selected by an all-new celebrity judging panel comprising of Reggie Rockstone, hiplife godfather; Beatrice Aurther, ‘the’ renowned creative designer and K.O.D (Kofi Okyere Darko) a trendy presenter and Talent Manager extraordinaire.

The next stage of the competition will see these eight crews make their way into a two-week boot camp in Nigeria, where they will work with international choreographers and take on a variety of challenges and tasks as they strut their stuff in the hope of impressing the 3 seasoned judges.

Whilst in the boot camp, their fate will be in the hands of the judges who will eliminate the competitors until just two crews are left standing. At this stage, the responsibility of choosing a national winner will be handed over to the Ghanaian public to decide through SMS votes, which team represents the nation at the big Malta Guinness Street Dance Pan African championship.


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