Workers of Ghana Post joined the Emergency Department of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital to mark this year’s Emergency Week.

The team enlightened workers of the Hospital, who were observing the Week for the first time, on the need to have a digital address for their home and workplaces.

Kobi Hemaa Osisiadan-Bekoe, the head of Corporate Communications of Ghana Post, indicated that as health workers it is very vital for them to be able to extensively use the GhanaPostGPS App.

She further explained, “in times of emergencies, citizens are encouraged to give their digital address to the ambulance service operators, but it becomes unnecessary if the officers on duty cannot use the App to locate people in need.”

The Emergency Medicine Department of the Hospital marked the day on the theme “Highlighting effective emergency medical care in the Greater Accra Region, the country and beyond.”

For her part, Sarah Danquah, head of Emergency Triage of the hospital, said it is sad to note that "Emergency Department Staff work extremely hard but are hardly appreciated in the country.

“The story is even worse because until a patient dies or a nurse or doctor turns a patient away, nobody not even the media will visit the department that saves lives to interact with us."

The week-long celebration saw the staff of the Emergency Medicine Department trained in basic life support techniques whiles the general public enjoyed free medical screening.

During the week, the newly inaugurated emergency ambulance was opened for inspection and nurses were trained by the staff of GhanaPostGPS App on how to use the App to aid their work.

The Ghana PostGPS App, the officially explained that the App will speed up the time spent in locating a victim when ambulance service is required in times of emergency.

Dr Afia Boateng, head of Emergency Medicine Department of the Hospital indicated that the extraordinary services the staff render daily in saving lives whiles reducing mortality and morbidity rate is highly commendable.