A group of 100 Small and Medium Enterprises’ owners leave Ghana for China next week to interact with other international businessmen on modern practices of manufacturing of goods and services.

The trip sponsored by Barclays Bank Ghana Limited would help the group meet and interact with suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, investors and overseas buyers.

They would take part in a 10-day trade fair known as Canton Fair (the biggest fair held on earth) in Guangzhou, China where over 150,000 products would be displayed.

A Large number of suppliers, manufactures, services providers and investors who are receiving banking products and services from the bank are expected to participate in the fair.

Speaking to the press in Accra on Tuesday, Ms Eunice Sylvia Yamson Nkansa, Head of Local Business of Barclays Bank Ghana Limited, said this was the second time the bank was lending support to SMEs. She reveals 50 customers of the bank were supported to expose their products on the Dubai market last year.

Ms Nkansa said due to the outstanding success of the first trip, the bank recognised the importance to institute it as an annual event to expose the SMEs business club members to the rest of the business world.

She said traders and manufacturers were beneficiaries of the second trip, which was being organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She believes the trip would open doors to endless opportunities such as franchise, representation, agencies, partnership and foreign direct investments in Ghana.

This, she said, would feed into the development of Ghana’s private sector, which was acknowledged as the engine of growth.

Ms Nkansa said excellence was the ultimate of the trip, stressing that international exposure made a lot of difference in business operations.

According to her some of the customers were taking along some of their products to enable them exchange ideas on how to export raw materials.

She said the bank chose Asia because, “we need to go to where there are best deals and they are best among emerging economies.”

Source: GNA